Chrysalis Program

Chrysalis Program

Reconnect and regenerate your team

Three virtual workshops of 2 hours each or a day face-to-face for you and your team to reconnect, realign, reaffirm and reignite.

Includes a bonus 90min coaching session for the team leader.

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Leadership development programs that drive, inspire and enable transformative learning, while imparting knowledge and building skill levels.


Team development programs that respond to the team’s current state and needs to deliver a program that moves teams to higher levels of performance.


Personal professional development programs that are individually tailored through our coaching services as either a completely independent offering or as an adjunct to a development program that an individual may already be undertaking.

We Deliver Learning

Aurora People deliver learning through a transformative process infused with personal meaning, individual autonomy and shared community – drivers of sustained changes in behaviour.
We design our programs to include an experiential methodology. Apart from referencing participants’ personal experience from outside the program, we provide shared, immediate and targeted experiences to participants within the program. These experiences are tied to comprehensive, candid, open and targeted discussions in learning circles with peers and facilitators.
This process of experiences and learning circles is a transformative process imbedded in a climate of encouragement, support and challenge.

Programs and Services

We deliver our programs and services online as well as face-to-face.

You will find more information on our programs and services here.

Integrated Leadership Programs

Leadership development can be undertaken in a number of different ways, from individual, self-directed learning through to a long-term organisational development program involving others and lasting years. We cover this continuum from one end to the other with our services, whether it be a personal coaching program or an extensive leadership program consisting of a number of fully integrated components. These components can include, not just what we have to offer, but also what the client may already have in place or wish to bring to a program.

Leadership Workout

Our signature program component that can be used as a standalone development program, as part of an integrated leadership development program, or modified and incorporated into an existing leadership development program.

Team Kickstart

The Kickstart Program is designed to support the formation of the team and set it up for success with a level of ease that can be difficult for a team leader to bring to the process on their own. The program helps remove the uncertainty and ambiguity that affects a team at its beginning. It builds and develops the team faster and with less real-world consequences than if the team and its leader were left to work through it on their own.

Team Accelerator

This development program is designed in response to where the team is currently at in their performance and functionality. So regardless of their current state, the program will move a team to function at higher levels of performance.

Customised Programs

All our programs are customised to the needs of our client using a combination of components, each of which is in turn modified to suit the program and client.

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Coaching can be used as the sole element in a development and learning program or as a component of a wider program, such as in our Integrated Leadership Programs.

The key feature of one-on-one coaching is that the focus is entirely on the coachee (the person being coached). The benefit this brings to the coachee is a greater level of precision to their learning and development as well as a more immediate and relevant interaction with it. The coaching process and relationship also bring a level of accountability and traction to the coachee’s learning that may be missing in other forms of learning and development.

Profile Debriefing

We have a range of instruments at our disposal that can be used to:

  • raise self-awareness,
  • facilitate understanding of ourselves and others, and/or
  • provide feedback on us, the team, the leader, the culture or the organisation.

If used wisely, the data these instruments provide can help us in our development and performance. The data is there to inform us rather than to dictate to us. It is up to us as to how we use it.

Meeting Method

Imagine if a meeting did just what you needed and wanted it to do, nothing more, nothing less. This is what the Meetings Method Program was developed to do, to make meetings effective, efficient, enjoyable, productive and ultimately satisfying.

Meetings are a necessary part of any business. It is through meetings that groups of people solve problems, share information, make decisions, monitor performance, allocate actions, accept responsibilities, build relationships and check-in with each other. Meetings are not just important but are critical to the operations, planning and performance of most organisations, teams and team members.

Models and Tools Training

Training that can focus on one or more models/tools that are relevant, useful and simple to apply in or outside the work place. They are especially useful when working with others to provide a common language, to bring ease to the interactions and to make the process more effective.

Productivity Ninja®

The Productivity Ninja suite are designed to bring clarity, confidence and control to our working lives. In so doing we finish our working day feeling fulfilled, satisfied and content rather than anxious, overwhelmed and unsure.

The workshops achieve this by helping participants develop:

  • a workable system to structure work productively, and
  • an effective approach to work that ensures a smooth and successful workflow.
close all of above

This program has been incredibly beneficial to me and my colleagues.

I believe that experiential learning accelerates learning and allows you to experience situations and react to them in ways that may not have been presented to you through the course of normal life. Given we are a young team, we cannot rely solely on being leaders through life experience, so the experiential leadership training has been fantastic for our team.

I have done a wide range of other leadership programs but have found them to be too theoretical and have never used them in practice. The Aurora experience has had a lasting impact on me and has changed my mindset.

I love this quote by Henry Mintzberg which sums it up: “Leadership, like swimming, cannot be learned by reading about it”.

Thanks again for everything!

Kate Evans

Analyst, Genesis CancerCare

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