Leadership Workout

The Leadership Workout is a multi-day overnight workout in which participants live together and work together on their leadership. It is an immersive experience in which they get to exercise and practice their leadership under the watchful eyes of peers (as members of their team), facilitators and coaches. Participants alternate their time between experience (as a leader or team member) and learning circles at which feedback is given on the leadership.

Participants in the Leadership Workout will spend spend at least 70% of their waking hours either:

  • leading a team,
  • experiencing and observing leadership as a team member,
  • providing structured and facilitated feedback on the leadership, or
  • reflecting on, discussing and consolidating their own personal learnings.

The Leadership Workout is the critical component that drives learning and creates engagement in a participant’s own leadership development and which inspires them to act. The leadership workout is an enabler of change and learning.

It is our signature program component for leadership development that can be used as a standalone development program, as part of an Integrated Leadership Program, or modified and incorporated into an existing leadership development program.

The leadership workout achieves the following:


Greater Learning

Participants become actively engaged in the learning process. This drives their learning to develop and improve their leadership. They become active participants in their own leadership development as well as in the development of those around them.

Better Outcomes for a Program

Participant learning outcomes are deeper and greater as they engage in the process and personalise the value of leadership development.

Sustained Skill Development

Participants are motivated to invest time and effort in improving their leadership skills as they more fully recognise the personal benefit and ability to do so.

Greater Organisational Capability

Participants, as individuals and as a group, are energised to drive leadership capability within the business and to drive a culture of learning to support it.

It is only through the Aurora Leadership Experiential course that I have been able to get a true understanding of the leadership journey. It has had a powerful impact on my understanding of leadership and what kind of leader I want to be.

Denise Hunt

IT Business Partner, Genesis CancerCare

Individual Outcomes

It does not matter where one stands in their leadership development journey, the workout will feed and stimulate that journey. They can be senior executives, managers, supervisors, team leaders or simply individuals interested in their own personal development. It is designed to adapt to the needs of participants.

The leadership workout:

  • enables and encourages the spirit of learning,
  • engages people as leaders and learners,
  • drives leadership and personal development, and
  • raises self-awareness and changes behaviour.

Organisational Outcomes

The workout drives and supports the building of a leadership and team culture as well as individual learning. For an organisation that has given little attention to leadership and its development and which needs to significantly change its culture, the workout is especially critical. The Leadership Workout is the component that ignites and feeds the leadership development journey.

For all organisations, it is the component that brings real learning to leadership development.

The workout:

  • re-energises leadership, learning, adaptability and improvement within the business,
  • resources the business with people who want to lead and improve,
  • creates more effective leaders and team members, and
  • creates and reinforces a collaborative leadership and team culture for the business.

The Leadership Workout is designed to drive and motivate real learning and self-motivated changes in behaviour.

It achieves this level of engagement because its methodology and delivery do the following:


Creates Meaning

Value and benefits of learning and leadership development are personalised as participants examine their own behaviour and the impact of those behaviours. Direct links are drawn between response (individual behaviour) and outcome – outcomes for themselves, others and the organisation.

Enables Belief

Participants gain greater confidence in their competence to develop and lead. Their belief in themselves, in what they can achieve and in their capability to change and learn is engendered through a deliberate and considered balance of challenge and support. Participants gain confidence, take learning risks and become better learners.

Supports Autonomy

Participants choose their learning within the content framework, guided by increased self-awareness through experience, reflection, insight, feedback and observation.

Builds Community

A community of learning and development is created by participants as they learn together, share challenges and give each other support, respect and encouragement.