Aurora People offer a number of programs and services for leadership, team or professional development. All these when commissioned, are customised to a lesser or greater extent to fit the needs of the client. We can also mix and match the various components and services and design programs from the bottom up.

Programs and Services

All our programs and services can be delivered online, face-to-face or via a mix of both.


Taking regular sessions with a professional and experienced coach is an efficient and effective way to develop and grow. We offer one-on-one coaching or one-on-one combined with small group workshops if appropriate, eg with coachees from the same organisation.

Profile Debriefing

Profile instruments provide data that helps facilitate understanding of ourselves and others. We offer instrument debriefing, one-on-one or to a group (ie a team or group from the same organisation).

Small Group Workshops

We target the specific needs of the team or group.

Meeting Method Program

This program helps us make meetings effective, efficient, enjoyable, productive and ultimately satisfying. We offer this program, one-on-one or to groups.

Models and Tools Training

This training focuses on ‘models as useful tools’, helping us to apply in practical and useful ways, the knowledge and understanding that can be gained from a variety of relevant models. Models become effective tools that can be simple to apply in or outside the work place. We offer this program, one-on-one or to groups.

Online Meeting Facilitation

We facilitate your online or face-to-face meetings so that you can concentrate on the people and the content.

Leading Remotely

These two combined workshops help you take control of remote teams, hybrid teams and virtual meetings.

Productivity Ninja® Programs

Develop workable systems and effective approaches to work that structure work productively and ensure a smooth and successful workflow. Depending on the particular program, we offer them one-on-one or to groups.

Development Program

We can help you design, develop and plan a development program for teams or leaders that can be delivered online, face-to-face or via a mix of both.


Aurora People have many years of experience delivering executive and leadership development coaching online as well as face to face. The advent and effective use of technology that supports online coaching means that coaching can deliver the same outcomes regardless of whether it is delivered face-to-face or online.

Small Group Workshops

Our small group workshops can be targeted according to the needs of the group or team, be a group instrument debriefing or a team development workshop. We can also provide group workshops for people from the same organisation who are undergoing one-on-one coaching with us. These workshops can support and enhance the individual coaching and create a community of learning.

Profile Debriefing

We conduct group instrument debriefing as well one-on-one debriefing.

Individual Debriefing

A one-on-one debriefing can jump forward professional or leadership development as it raises understanding of self, provides a language and framework to explore this understanding, and provides a potential path for learning and development.

Group Debriefing

There is high value in group debriefing for a team or group of people that work together. Not only will the debrief bring a greater understanding of self but also of those others with whom we interact on a regular basis. This understanding and knowledge can ease interactions, improve communication and increase effective collaboration.

Online Meeting Facilitation

We can help your meetings or strategy sessions be more effective by facilitating the meeting for you. This gives you the space to focus on the people and content whilst we utilise relevant tools and processes to achieve the meeting’s outcomes. To do this effectively we will discuss in advance with you, the meeting’s purpose, process and protocols. For online sessions we will host the meeting in order to have access to all the features made available by the online platform that is chosen for the meeting.

Models and Tools Training

Models and tools training is available for individuals or groups. The duration of the training can vary in length depending on the number of models or tools and the size of the group undergoing the training. The models and tools from which to select for training are the same ones we that we use in our own work. They are extremely useful in any work context, especially when that work involves others.

Models help us understand complex concepts and systems. The tools we derive from these models help us apply that understanding and give us a means to make our processes more efficient and effective, to better achieve the outcomes we are after, to help decision making and to improve communication.

Meeting Method

The Meeting Method program changes meetings from being the worst of our work to being the best part of our work.

This workshop will help you to reduce how much time you spend in meetings, ensuring the meetings that you do attend are engaging and productive.

The program covers both meetings conducted online as well as those done face-to-face, giving particular attention to online meeting protocols, processes and tools.

Imagine if a meeting did just what you needed and wanted it to do, nothing more, nothing less. This is what the Meeting Method Program was developed to do, to make meetings effective, efficient, enjoyable, productive and ultimately satisfying. Get clear on the purpose, process and protocols of your meetings and learn to use seven vital tools that make all meetings a breeze.

Leading Remotely

Take control of remote teams, hybrid teams and virtual meetings

Two workshops to help you lead remotely with ease and confidence:

  • Leading Virtual Meetings
  • Leading Remote Teams

Productivity Ninja® Programs

We conduct a number of programs online under the Productivity Ninja framework.

The Way of the Productivity Ninja

A 90-minute online, energetic combination of presentation, group discussion and individual action planning.

Leading Remote Teams

This 2-hour online workshop provides inspiration, ideas and tools to assist leading a high performing team when the focus shifts to remote working.

The Productivity Ninja’s Guide to Working from Home

This online 90-minute combination of presentation, group discussion and individual action planning. It is full of productivity boosting ideas from the simplest techniques to the fanciest new apps.

    Development Programs

    We can design and plan a development program that mixes delivery with online and face-to-face components.

    A development program not only offers training in specific areas but also provides participants with:

    • relevant, meaningful and purposeful engagement (learning and development),
    • a supportive online learning community that will have both involvement and relevance, and
    • a future focus and sense of control.