Reinvigorate and ready your team with the Chrysalis Program

Round-table workshop for you and your team to reconnect and regenerate.

3 virtual sessions of 2 hours each or a single day face-to-face.

Chrysalis Program

The Chrysalis Program sets the team up for a strong transition from one work activity or period to the next through a joint process of sharing, learning and planning.

Reconnect and Reassess

Reconnect and (re)assess the work, activity or year to date and check how the team is going – what has happened, thoughts and feelings, what can be learnt, what next.


Reaffirm the team’s purpose, processes and protocols – checking if they have changed or need updating and ensuring they are uniformly understood and agreed to, gaining shared clarity of each member’s role and their contribution to the team and purpose.


Realign the team’s goals and direction – checking in with the needs of each team member as well as those of the task and team as a whole, addressing any issues or concerns and ensuring everyone is on the same path.


Reignite the team’s energy and spirit through recognition of effort and context, through celebration, inclusion and a focus on the future that will launch the team proactively into the next work activity or period.

Chrysalis Program


Session 1: Sharing

In this first session we reunite and reconnect the team, reassess our ways of working together given the changes in the working environment and start our review of the past year by gathering and sharing data from the perspective of each team member, recognising their efforts and addressing their concerns.

Session 2: Learning

In the second session we revisit the team’s purpose and goals for the past year, reaffirming them or building new ones for the year ahead. In light of these and the ‘new world context’, we examine the data gathered in the previous session and explore possible learnings that we can apply to achieve individual and team success.

Session 3: Planning

In the last session we continue to reignite the team’s energy and spirit by focusing on the future and designing our way forward. We prioritise our learnings and apply them to the year ahead through agreed concrete action plans for the short and medium term, recognising the level of uncertainty that is present and the need for regular joint reflection by the team.


Chrysalis Program
$2,850 + GST
  • 1 day program of 3 x 2hr workshops
  • includes bonus 90min coaching session for the team leader
  • ideal for small and medium size teams