Leadership development can be undertaken in a number of different ways, from individual, self-directed learning through to a long-term organisational development program involving others and lasting years. We cover this continuum from one end to the other with our services, whether it be a personal coaching program or an extensive leadership program consisting of a number of fully integrated components

All or some of our twelve program components can be incorporated into a new program or integrated into an existing leadership program. When integrated, Aurora will ensure all the components are designed to fit together as a unifying package so that they operate synergistically, supporting and enhancing the whole program as well as the parts.

Leadership Development

All our programs and services can be delivered online, face-to-face or via a mix of both.


one-on-one or one-on-one combined with small group workshops.

Profile Debriefing
one-on-one and group.

Development Program
design, develop and plan a leadership development program that targets your specific needs.

Meeting Method Program
make meetings effective, efficient, enjoyable, productive and ultimately satisfying.

Models and Tools Training
training that focuses on models as useful tools that are relevant and simple to apply in or outside the work place.

Leading Remotely
take control of remote teams, hybrid teams and virtual meetings.

Productivity Ninja Programs
develop workable systems and effective approaches to work that structure their work productively and ensure a smooth and successful workflow.

Development Program Components

Learning Focus, Coaching, Leadership Workout, Targeted Workshops, Models and Tools, Workbook and Toolkit, Profile Instruments, Personal Leadership Development Plans, Mixed Delivery, In-house Projects, Client’s Components, Experiential Methodology.

Integrated Leadership Programs

We can design and plan an integrated leadership development program that is delivered online, face-to-face or via a mix of both.

We can build flexibility into our process when designing and planning an integrated leadership development program to deal with uncertainty around time frames and the need or otherwise for social distancing. Decision gates can be incorporated into the planning and development to support this flexibility.

All or some of the following components can be incorporated into a new program or integrated into an existing leadership program. When integrated, Aurora will ensure all the components are designed to fit together as a unifying package so that they operate synergistically, supporting and enhancing the whole program as well as the parts.

These components can include, not just what we have to offer, but also what the client may already have in place or wish to bring to a program. In our integrated leadership programs, we use these various components as building blocks to design and customise a high impact program that focuses on real and actual learning.

Program Components

Learning Focus

What brings us unstuck on the road to developing our leadership is rarely lack of knowledge ‘about’ leadership or a lack of ability to gain that knowledge, what usually gets in the way is our ability or motivation to learn and to change behaviour.

Our Integrated Leadership Programs have as key aims:

  • to improve each participant’s ability to learn,
  • to engage the participant in the learning process,
  • to motivate the participant to demonstrate learning through changes in behaviour, and
  • to take ownership for their continued personal development.


Coaching can be used as the sole element in a development and learning program or as a component of a wider program, such as in our Integrated Leadership Programs.

As part of a wider program, coaching provides a personal reflection and action point for the learning and experience that the wider program produces and encompasses. It provides both a framework and a protected space in which to reflect upon and embed learning from the wider program. It also brings a level of accountability and traction to the participant’s learning that encourages and enables sustained behavioural change and on ongoing development.

Leadership Workout

This is our signature program component for leadership development that can be used as a standalone development program, as part of an Integrated Leadership Program, or modified and incorporated into an existing leadership development program.

The Leadership Workout is a multi-day overnight workout in which participants get to exercise and practice their leadership under the watchful eyes of peers (as members of their team), facilitators and coaches. It is the critical component that drives learning and creates engagement in the learning process.

Targeted Workshops

These are workshops designed to target a specific skill or area of leadership though they can also be used as review points, action learning sessions and support for a community of leadership practice. The duration, location and scheduling of a workshop will be dependent on the requirements of the learning outcomes and those of the client and participants. As part of an integrated leadership program, the workshops will be designed to align with and support the overall purpose, outcomes and methodology of the leadership program.

Models and Tools

There are a number of relevant, useful and simple models/tools we use ourselves and which therefore become part of the language and methodology in the design and delivery of our programs. On top of this there can be specific models/tools relevant to the program outcomes, to participants or to the client that we will incorporate into the program and model the use of through our own behaviour and interactions. Models/Tools are therefore an important component in all programs.

Workbook / Toolkit

We can provide a comprehensive workbook that aids participants’ learning and which acts as journal through the program. In it is a number of models and tools as well as structured areas to capture learnings and actions. It is referenced and used throughout our Integrated Leadership Programs and becomes a useful tool in itself after the program.

Profile Instruments

We have a range of instruments at our disposal that can be used to:

  • raise self-awareness,
  • facilitate understanding of ourselves and others, and/or
  • provide feedback on us, the team, the leader, the culture or the organisation.

When used wisely, the data these instruments provide help us in our development and provide a language to ease communications, solve problems and build relationships.

Personal Leadership Development Plans

The benefit of having personal development plans as a component of a leadership program is that it can enhance the efficacy of a program. Effective utilisation of a personal leadership plan that arises from or is directly associated with the program and which uses the same language, provides:

  • a method for transferring learning to the workplace,
  • a focal point for continued development,
  • a mechanism for turning learning into sustained behavioural change, and
  • a direct reference to and reminder of significant personal learning moments in the leadership program.

Mixed Delivery

A number of our leadership program components can be delivered online. The advantages to this include time-saving and convenience. 

In-House Projects

In-house projects are usually projects carried out within or as part of the business to not only deliver specific results to the business but to also act as a methodology for delivering leadership development to some or all of those involved in the project, eg ‘action learning’.

Client's Components

Models, tools, language and leadership programs or way of doing things that an organisation already has in place or wishes to put in place can be incorporated into our integrated leadership program along with any content the organisation wishes to include or be referenced.

Experiential Methodology

Aurora People design programs using an experiential methodology. Apart from referencing participants’ personal experience from outside the program, we provide shared, immediate and targeted experiences to participants within the program. These experiences are tied to comprehensive, candid, open and targeted discussions in learning circles with peers and facilitators.
This process of experiences and learning circles is a transformative process imbedded in a climate of encouragement, support and challenge.