All our programs, whether focusing on leadership or team development, involve professional development at the personal level since each person is the unit at which behaviour is enacted and at which learning takes place – any area of development is therefore also an area of personal development.

Professional Development

All our programs and services can be delivered online, face-to-face or via a mix of both.


regular sessions with a professional and experienced coach is an efficient and effective way to develop and grow.

Profile Debriefing
facilitate understanding of ourselves and others

Meeting Method Program
make meetings effective, efficient, enjoyable, productive and ultimately satisfying.

Models and Tools Training
training that focuses on models as useful tools that are relevant and simple to apply in or outside the work place.

Productivity Ninja® Programs
develop workable systems and effective approaches to work that structure their work productively and ensure a smooth and successful workflow.

    Professional Development Program

    Programs and services can be undertaken with a specific focus on one’s development as a leader or as a member of a team. Some can also be undertaken with a focus on a different area of development. Our coaching can be tailored to whatever area the coachee wishes to focus on, the data from a profile instrument can be used to simply get a better understanding of oneself, inform our development and/or improve interactions with others. Other programs and services have their own outcomes that are beneficial to individuals outside (as well within) the role of leader or team member. These are Meeting Method, Models/Tools Training and Productivity Ninja.


    One-on-one coaching can be effectively used in almost any context in which individuals seek to learn and develop or to change and improve their lives. As Aurora People’s passion and expertise is centred around people at work, our primary coaching focus is on work related development, initiatives and issues. Other factors external to this are not ignored but dealt with through the coaching process as the need arises.

    Profile Debriefing

    A one-on-one debriefing can jump forward professional or leadership development as it raises understanding of self, provides a language and framework to explore this understanding, and provides a potential path for learning and development.

    There are a range of instruments in the market place that can be used to:

    • raise self-awareness,
    • facilitate understanding of ourselves and others, and/or
    • provide feedback to us.

    Meeting Method

    The Meeting Method program changes meetings from being the worst of our work to being the best part of our work.

    This workshop will help you to reduce how much time you spend in meetings, ensuring the meetings that you do attend are engaging and productive.

    The program covers both meetings conducted online as well as those done face-to-face, giving particular attention to online meeting protocols, processes and tools.

    The program can be customised into one or more short sessions for an individual or be part of a wider coaching framework that can include the mentoring component outlined below.
    A mentoring component can be added to the program in which your facilitator-coach sits in on one or more of your online meetings to either identify opportunities and challenges specific to you (prior to the formal program) or to give feedback to you as part of a follow-up to the formal program.


    All or some of these programs and services we offer can be harnessed to a coaching framework to customise the delivery of the personal development outcomes you are after. 

    Models and Tools Training

    Training that can focus on one or more models or tools that are relevant, useful and simple to apply in or outside the work place. They are especially useful when working with others to provide a common language, to bring ease to the interactions and to make the process more effective.

    Productivity Ninja®

    We conduct a number of programs under the Productivity Ninja framework.

    The Way of the
    Productivity Ninja

    A 90-minute online, energetic combination of presentation, group discussion and individual action planning.

    Leading Remote Teams

    This 2-hour online workshop provides inspiration, ideas and tools to assist leading a high performing team when the focus shifts to remote working.

    The Productivity Ninja’s Guide to Working from Home

    This online 90-minute combination of presentation, group discussion and individual action planning. It is full of productivity boosting ideas from the simplest techniques to the fanciest new apps.