Use the New Working Environment to Lead Better

Take control of remote teams, hybrid teams and virtual meetings

Two workshops to help you lead remotely with ease and confidence:

  • Leading Virtual Meetings
  • Leading Remote Teams

Leading Virtual Meetings

So much leading is done and demonstrated, for better or for worse, at meetings. Make your online meetings effective, efficient, enjoyable, productive and ultimately satisfying for yourself and your team. Get clear on the purpose, process and protocols of your meetings and learn to use the vital tools that make all meetings a breeze.

Leading Remote Teams

Gain a vision for how working remotely can actually be an improvement on being ‘stuck in an office’ and deal with the practical ways to create the right culture for productivity and wellbeing – even when you don’t control the physical environment.

Combined Package

Learning is rarely a single event. In fact, every piece of learning we do, needs a second, third, fourth… experience to make it land, stick and repay the initial investment.

By booking the combined package of both workshops you will be given a free follow-up session that helps embed both the learning and a learning practice of doing and reviewing.

Leading Virtual Meetings

Key Benefits


Set all meetings up for success by ensuring a shared uniform clarity of purpose, process and protocols.

Continual Improvement

Use your meetings to continually improve the culture through a practise of reviewing, learning and delegating.

Virtual Meetings

Understand what is missing in virtual meetings and what to do about it.

Online Opportunities

Take advantage of the online medium, the opportunities it offers and its strengths.


Get clarity and accountability at the end of your meetings.


Acquire seven vital tools to get the meetings you want.

Making it Stick

  • next steps and a plan of action are developed for each individual
  • a pdf toolkit is supplied to reference the simple and powerful tools used to make meetings effective, efficient and enjoyable

Recommended Options

At Aurora People we offer follow-up sessions to everything we do to reflect on, validate and contextualise the initial learning. This embeds, deepens and makes sense of the initial event.

  • a follow-up workshop for a group to review their actions and learn from each other’s experience
  • individual coaching to intensively focus on learning and improving

Leading Remote Teams

Key Benefits


Learn why culture matters more – not less – when people work from home.

Motivation and Performance

Ideas to (re)create the social rituals and interactions that help bind and motivate high, performing teams and promote staff wellbeing.


The benefits of communications manifestos (& how to create one for your team).

Leading in Uncertainty

How to lead and look after people through periods of change or uncertainty.


How to be agile and resilient when plans and circumstances change quickly.


How to identify and act upon the opportunities that remote-working brings, as well as how to deal with the threats.

Make it Stick

  • eCopy of Graham Allcott’s bestselling book
  • PDF takeaway for all participants as a reminder of the key points
  • access to The Productivity Ninja Academy

Combined Package

Book both workshops together for added value.


For those that book the combined package of both workshops we add the following:

  • for a group, a free follow-up 1hr workshop that will cover the actions and learning from both workshops.
  • for individual bookings, a free follow-up coaching session to intensively focus the learning.


  • supercharges the initial learning.
  • provides insurance that the learning event will have its value shored-up and multiplied.